HELIOS is a new approach to recording videos in Unity3D

Have you ever wanted to create fully immersive professional grade 3D/360 degree panoramic videos for websites like Youtube and Facebook that show what its like to live inside your game? With Helios enabled in your scene, you can automatically create beautiful high definition 3D/360 degree videos complete with audio, that are ready for upload to popular 360 video websites like YouTube, VRideo, MilkVR and Facebook.

With Helios you can record Stereo 360 degree 8K video at 90 FPS!

Equipped with 3D/360, 2D, Equirectangular and Stereographic rendering modes, there isn’t much that helios can’t record directly in the Editor.

What is 3D/360 Video?

starwars_facebook360 degree video is a new technology to recently emerge which allows you to experience Virtual Reality in video form. 360 degree video is formatted in equirectangular image layout (a special image projection) where a panoramic image is distorted into a 3D projection, that can be viewed by software, websites, and Virtual Reality Headsets.

cardboardHow does Helios work?

Helios is a plugin for Unity3D that you use in the editor to record gameplay videos. It’s shipped as a camera rig prefab you can just drop into your scene and begin recording high quality video in seconds. Helios will record your gameplay and automatically create stunning HD 360 videos you can immediately upload to your favorite 3D video hosting website.

Choreograph the perfect scene
While there are other 3D video solutions out there for Unity, Helios is unique in that its not just video recording asset. I also comes with some very powerful scene choreography tools that allow you to create the prefect scene. With our Session Recording technology, you can play as each character in your scene and record their movements, animations and effect on a frame by frame basis. No more tweening and lerping out cumbersome animations that take hours to get right, just record it and play it back later.

Get Helios

You can get Helios HERE