A nifty little camera system for fast paced Unity Games:
Why tether your camera to your player, when your camera can mimic your player?

Deja-View offers a unique camera following technique where the camera actually follows where your player was, not where it is. This creates some very fun and playful cinematic effects where your camera grows a personality of its own. Deja-View will blend between traditional directional linear lerp based movement and following instructions in buffer of player locations. In addition to the movement, Deja-View offers a handy little collision system which will can make items that come between the view of your camera and player transparent.

You can configure many parameters on the camera like:

-Delay between player and camera
-Minimum distance
-Maximum distance
-Height Offset (moving and idle)
-Idle timeout
-Idle orbit options
-X & Y orbit control
-Collision Opacity
-Collision Delay

Deja-View will sell for $14.99 on the Unity Asset Store.

Quick Tutorial